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Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Mon Feb 20 02:57:03 CET 2006


On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 10:16:39 +0100
Sebastian Mendel <lists at sebastianmendel.de> wrote:

> byte units are international, or not?

They are, but can be written differently:

$ grep byteUnits  lang/*utf* | grep -v EB
lang/arabic-utf-8.inc.php://$byteUnits = array('بايت', 'كيلوبايت', 'ميجابايت', 'غيغابايت');
lang/belarusian_cyrillic-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array('Б', 'КБ', 'МБ', 'ГБ', 'ТБ', 'ПБ', 'ЭБ');
lang/bulgarian-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array('байта', 'КБ', 'МБ', 'ГБ', 'ТБ', 'ПБ', 'ЕБ');
lang/finnish-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array('tavua', 'kt', 'Mt', 'Gt', 'Tt', 'Pt', 'Et');
lang/french-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array('Octets', 'Ko', 'Mo', 'Go', 'To', 'Po', 'Eo');
lang/hindi-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array(' बैट्स', ' केबी', ' एमबी', ' जीबी','टीबी','पीबी','ईबी');
lang/mongolian-utf-8.inc.php://$byteUnits = array('Байт', 'кБ', 'МБ', 'ГБ');
lang/persian-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array('بايت', 'كيلوبايت', 'مگا بايت', 'گيگا بايت', 'ترابايت', 'پتا بايت', 'اگزا بايت');
lang/russian-utf-8.inc.php://$byteUnits = array('Байт', 'кБ', 'МБ', 'ГБ');
lang/serbian_cyrillic-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array('бајтова', 'КБ', 'МБ', 'ГБ', 'ТБ', 'ПБ', 'ЕБ');
lang/thai-utf-8.inc.php:$byteUnits = array('ไบต์', 'กิโลไบต์', 'เมกกะไบต์', 'กิกะไบต์', 'เทอราไบต์', 'เพตตะไบต์', 'เอกซะไบต์');
lang/ukrainian-utf-8.inc.php://$byteUnits = array('Байт', 'кБ', 'МБ', 'ГБ');

> why are this in the locale string files?

See above for reason ;-)

> and i think we should use MiB instead of MB

You're right.

> and B instead of Bytes

Probably yes.

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