[Phpmyadmin-devel] Translation tool for phpMyAdmin's string-based languagefiles.

Martin Kronstad martin at siteman.no
Wed Jan 11 04:01:06 CET 2006


I have been in contact with Garvin Hicking regarding a blog-system he is a
developer of(www.s9y.org). I originally contacted him to offer a
contribution to that project. The contribution was a php-script to manage
the languagefiles of their blogsystem. I originally created the script for
my own CMS solution. Both my and their languagefiles used constants for
storing translated text. 

He told me that you may be interested in using this for phpMyAdmin, since I
use phpMyAdmin everyday I thought maybe I could contribute a bit to you too.
I adapted the code to your string-based languagefiles. So now it works with

The tool has these features:
- Online updating trough a web-browser.
- Remember last language you worked with.
- Login via htpasswd-files (can be changed to MySQL with great ease)
- Download all, or single files as zip. (do not require user to enter
username / password)
- List all available languages for download. (do not require user to enter
username / password)
- Automatic detection of correct container for strings. (example: if string
contains \n the string will be contained within “ , if no “special chars”
are detected the string is contained within ‘)
- Support multiple charsets, and sets the HTTP-header charset to the correct
charset. (required by phpMyAdmin’s languagefiles).

I am open to suggestions on more features...

I think this app will make it more comfortable for your translators to
translate. You will be able to change from strings to constants (or any
other format) in your languagefiles without worrying about users not being
able to translate the new files. Users of phpMyAdmin will be able to
download languagefiles whenever they want. It will be easier for a new
translator to get started translating a new language. 

You may test the script/app at
http://demo.prosjektweb.net/languageadmin/phpmyadmin.php login with
username: s , password: s
To view available languages for download go to :

So I guess my question is do you want to use this app?

Mvh Martin Kronstad
Siteman AS
Telefon: 32 87 56 10
Mobiltelefon: 951 70 230
Telefaks: 61 13 16  51

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