[Phpmyadmin-devel] font sizes, css, IE quirks mode, scrollbars

Marc Delisle Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca
Wed Jul 5 14:36:17 CEST 2006

Sebastian Mendel a écrit :
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> Hi,
> at the moment phpMyAdmin forces IE into quirks mode, what makes most of
> the current CSS problems
> removing the XML declaration enables standard compliance mode for IE,
> what makes IE to behave 'more' towards the CSS standards
> but this also reveals the horizontal/vertical scrollbar bug
> IE displays a unneeded/unwanted horizontal scroll bar as soon as it
> display a vertical scrollbar, whether the horizontal scrollbar is
> required or not.
> there is no satisfying solution on the web (most just completely remove
> the horizontal scroll bar or display them always)
> i have figured out some possible solutions:
> http://sebastianmendel.de/ie_scrollbar_bug/frameset.htm
> the first two uses conditional CSS, the first seems to be make problems,
> the second seems to work fine - just the space between window-border and
> content is now between scrollbar and window and not between scrollbar
> and content
> the third is a (bot complete) JavaScript solution

forcing a vertical scrollbar solves this IE horizontal scrollbar problem:

html {
	overflow-y: scroll;

What do you think about it?


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