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Thu Mar 2 02:21:02 CET 2006

Marc Delisle wrote:
> Sebastian Mendel a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> can also be set on InnoDB, BDB aso.
>> whether it has an effect on this engines or not, should phpMyAdmin 
>> display this properties as well, possible with a note that this 
>> settings have no effect?
>> f.e. if you created MyISAM tables with this options enabled (long 
>> years ago), converted them to InnoDB and now export and import it onto 
>> a server without InnoDB you have the above options enabled again 
>> whether the Operator wanted it or not.
>> If this option can be set phpMyAdmin should display it, regardless if 
>> it has an effect or not.
> Hi Sebastian,
> I think that if MySQL supports the syntax, we should also, because in 
> the future it might have an effect. And displaying a remark about the 
> non-effect is correct, but we'll have to monitor the new MySQL versions 
> to see if the option ever becomes effective.

just to clarify, its not about supporting the 'syntax', i mean 
displaying it in the table operations page.

Sebastian Mendel

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