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Garvin Hicking schrieb:
> Hi!
>>> at first step we could just catch the output into a variable and put it into
>>> the 'main'-template (just an empty template with only html-headers and body on
>>> it, just the things that are common on every page)
>>> i moved an entire live system into templates with this practice.
> This would be the easiest solution, and will carry through code. However it
> might create trouble to have many conditional issues and variables in the
> template compared to when redone from scratch with a clear concept. I am
> especially speaking of all the conditional JavaScript/HTML/PHP redirects and
> output messages which will be harder to implement.

much of this redirects are not required with templates anymore, as you
can decide at the end what template will be displayed without redirects!

btw. with a template enigne you have the freedom to make many choices
not at the start - f.e. you don't need to know the 'resulting' table at
the start of the script (for navigation links), the resulting table can
assigned at the very last just before the template is processed

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