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Hi Arnor!

(You did not post your reply to the mailinglist, so I'll do that)

> So the code looks better. Is that a good enough reason?

Yes, it is. A maintainable code is very important, else no new developers can
easily get into the project. It makes bugs also easier to spot and better to

It's like documentation: You don't need it if you know the code by heart. But
having it, helps all other people a lot.

> It's actually
> been a few years since I discarded smarty as clunky, unproductive and
> conter-intuitive so it might have improved a bit through the years, but to me,
> especially when you're trying to modify smarty-based code, it slows you down a
> lot. But I realize now that I might not have an updated brain.

I hated Smarty 2-3 years ago as well because I thought exactly that, and that
it's unneccessary and much hassle. But I learnt to appreciate it a lot in the
past. It makes coding much more fun, if it doesn't hurt the eye to have various
<?php and ?> tags and HTML spread all over the code.

Smarty is a lot like OO programming: You don't NEED it, and in small projects
it's hard overhead. But once you get used to it and can use the advantages of
it, you can't ignore it any more. :-)

Best regards and thanks for your feedback,

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