[Phpmyadmin-devel] Time never materializes, regrets, and other overlooked aspects of development

Robin H. Johnson robbat2 at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 11 11:56:06 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,

While my original plan was to just be away from phpMyAdmin for a few
months, while I got married, things haven't worked out in my favour at
all. There's far more open source work to do than there are hours in my
day. Too much open source, Too much real work, Too much living (outside
of computers).

In line with this, I've recognized that I need to cut down the places
where I'm heavily involved, and phpMyAdmin hasn't made it into things
that really need my attention at this point. Beyond a few features in
MySQL (stored procedures editor), and further development by MySQL AB,
PMA is mostly feature-complete now.

There's a lot of stuff in phpMyAdmin that I've worked on in the past,
and never gotten a chance to finish. Database configuration being the
most promised item - I've been working on it intermittently since
mid-2004, and it's just never come to fruition - I regret never being
able to finish it in that time. There's a also few other smaller things
still under way, that I'll just submit to this list if/when they ever
get completed.

At this point, I do not foresee having sufficient time in the next 9
months to justify still calling myself an active phpMyAdmin developer,
and I'd like to avoid any claims otherwise (mind you, I did take a
hiatus several years ago for some semesters of university).

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, esp. Marc, Alex,
Olivier and Michal for their work on the project, and the chance to for
all of us to meet last year. If anybody ever comes to Vancouver, give me
a shout. I'll be sure to do likewise if I'm ever around your various

I am going to be manning a booth for phpMyAdmin at the Pacific-Northwest
LinuxFest (http://www.linuxfestnorthwest.org/) in April 2007, and that
is not changing. If there are other events on the West Coast where we
would like to have a presence (esp Vancouver/Portland/Seattle), I'd be
more than happy to represent phpMyAdmin.

I will still be following the mailing list, as always.

Marc/Olivier: please reduce/remove my permissions in the SF project
admin as you see fit. Could one of you also please take over the CVS

Here's the line from my crontab on shell1.sf.net:
53 */3 * * * /home/groups/p/ph/phpmyadmin/htdocs/updatecvs.sh &

Robin Hugh Johnson
E-Mail     : robbat2 at users.sourceforge.net
GnuPG FP   : 11AC BA4F 4778 E3F6 E4ED  F38E B27B 944E 3488 4E85
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