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Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Thu Oct 26 15:12:27 CEST 2006

Hi Marc,
hi devels,

Of course my test machine's down since two days:
my CPU has burned ;(
I hope the new one with more perfomance will be shipped
in few days ;)

At current moment I'm working on WYSIWYG-Plugin with my
old machine (without enough performance to host a public

The code of phpMyDesigner uses some things wich are only
working on gecko based browsers.
Seems to be a hard work to patch for IE, but I'll try it.

The other solution with disabled tags and ajax requests are
working on my tests. Simple check the MySQL table, if empty
disable else enable.

I will post some code soon as possible ... if my new CPU has
arrived my door and I've put it into the machine.


--- Original Message ---
Mail from: Marc Delisle
Date: 26.10.2006 14:06
> Hi,
> the author of phpMyDesigner agrees if we merge his code into PMA, we are 
> also authorized to remove the "phpMyDesigner" name and his logo.
> Sorry, I did not have time (yet) to participate in the wiki's discussion 
> about external hooks.
> Michael, any progress about the new designer and IE? Your test machine 
> seems to be down.
> I'm leaving tomorrow for a 4-day trip, I'll try to get my mail on days 2 
> and 3 :)
> Marc

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