[Phpmyadmin-devel] [Phpmyadmin-users] phpMyAdmin's visuals derailing since 2.6.0?

Marc Delisle Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca
Tue Jul 24 14:55:39 CEST 2007

Florian Schmitz a écrit :
>> one reason why this was not implemented before or to change the look of our
>> tabs more like other tabs was the fact that these tabs often break into the
>> next line, and this could look strange ... because the active tab should
>> always be on the lower line
> Well, if you have a super low screen with, you cannot really expect
> everything to look perfect. As long as the tabs wrap well, I don't see
> a serious problem with that.
> With the bottom border removed, it's much better now already. But
> there are still 3 minor issues. If you click "browse" despite the fact
> that there are no rows, the browse tab is highlighted afterwards but
> the structure is the current tab. Instead browse should look like all
> the other tabs (execpt structure). Also, when hovering a tab next to
> the active one, the borders still are too close together.
> Last but not least I think there should be at least 1px space between
> the tab icon and the black bottom border (which is not the case for
> search and operations). So basically the images need to be somewhat
> more vertically centered.
> Regards,
> Florian

First minor issue: fixed.

Second one: it's not so bad IMO, unless you suggest to remove completely 
the effect.

Third one: I don't know where to fix this :) I tried to play with values 
in themes/original/css/theme_right.css.php:

.icon {
     vertical-align:     middle;
     margin-right:       0.3em;
     margin-left:        0.3em;

but it does not seem to take effect.

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