[Phpmyadmin-devel] class="footnotemarker"

Sebastian Mendel lists at sebastianmendel.de
Wed Jun 25 15:18:58 CEST 2008

Marc Delisle schrieb:
> Sebastian Mendel a écrit :
>> Sebastian Mendel schrieb:
>>> Marc Delisle schrieb:
>>>> Sebastian Mendel a écrit :
>>>>> Marc Delisle schrieb:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> this is referred to in common.lib.php but I cannot find its 
>>>>>> definition.
>>>>> this is not defined, it is used to add hover event
>>>>> js/tooltip.js #35
>>>> Thanks, and what is it supposed to do? I see an empty yellow 
>>>> rectangle when I hover a number in the Engines tab.
>>> yes, i metnioned this too, i thought it was a bug on my system,
>>> but it used to be working, do not know what it breaks
>> seems someone changed name="footnote_#" to id="footnote_sup_#"
> It must be me :) there were duplicates that generated XHTML warnings, I 
> think...

but IMHO duplicate names="" is valid in XHTML

Sebastian Mendel

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