[Phpmyadmin-devel] GSOC proposal - Increase Accessibility and enhance PMA

sutharshan balachandren sutharshan02 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 06:44:47 CEST 2010

Dear sir,

I’m Sutharshan from SriLanka. I’m an undergraduate student and also a part
time developer as well. I’m interested in participating gsoc this year. I’m
working as a freelance developer for last few years (4 years) and I’m having
good experience in Web designing, web development, and software development
as well. I’m having deep knowledge in php, JavaScript, Java  and web
designing aspects (css,html etc. ). I’m using pma for last several years and
I have done modifications on that to suit my needs and I have uploaded some
of them that I’m using currently which can be benefit to others as well. I
would like to participate in the gsoc this year with pma and I would be
greateful if I’m able to do with pma.

Currently I’m doing few additional stuffs which can work together with pma
and can provide lots of benefit to users. Those are follows

1.     *  **pma phptoolkit *– it will generate php code to access the
selected database tables and the codes will be perfect oop and the html and
php are differentiated  as much as possible. It will generate php,html and
the css files for each selected functionalities. Since its increase the
speed of development and also reduce the time for development, which add
more value to pma.
a.       Its capable of providing php codes following functionalities
                                                               i.      Display
results in table format with record navigation
                                                             ii.      Insert
records to the table
                                                            iii.      Delete
records from the table
                                                           iv.      Update
results to the table
                                                             v.      Search
results based on selected fields
b.      Its has two modes
                                                               i.      Wizard
mode (ajax based)
                                                             ii.      Expert
mode (Specially for updating,deleting and seach)
c.       Each generated html form elements style can be changed by modifying
the css

2.      * **Advanced Query builder* – I have already did the basic query
builder and updated that patch already. I’m having an idea to develop wizard
type advanced query builder which works like visual studio query builder.
Haven’t started yet. But I have the clear idea of how I’m going to implement
that. It’s basically will be designed using JavaScript for most parts and
little bit php. It can be used to generate any sort of query and able to
integrate with pma phptoolkit as well

Also I’m able to do some of the gsoc ideas which was published in the pma
website as well. Those are

·         User interface cleanup

·         Make pma functioning based on ajax

·         Also able to handle oop

I’m looking forward for opinion regarding my new ideas and I’ll be able to
handle Both my ideas together and also able to work in gsoc ideas listed in
the website, I have gone through my ideas to a certain extend, therefore i
can able to add some more changes in the pma interface with my ideas to make
it easy to use and add some user friendly stuffs using ajax as well.

This is just my opinion. Please let me know if there are any possibilities
that can be add more value.

Some of other projects I have done using php,ajax, JavaScript, css are
listed below (not all are listed..)

·         www.gsoc.izonedevelopers.com/test.html - Load website articles in
any website by using a sinble piece of javascript which can be customized in
lots of ways. Also able to track views and clicks from each publisher
websites. Similar to the functionality of the adsense. its loads the content
of my website www.izonedevelopers.com

·         www.izonedevelopers.com –my own cms based website and the admin
panel is ajax based with js content editor (nicEdit)

·         http://hosting.izonedevelopers.com/ipanel/ - hosting panel using
php and javascript. The main advantage of this panel is its runs in a shared
hosting. Not in a reseller hosting. Therefore any shared host can be turned
into reseller hosting account. Not all the parts are implemented. its still
under development. But most important parts are already finished.

·         Demo username – javaconvert.co.cc

·         Demo password – 123456

·         www.iads.izonedevelopers.com/trace/ - email tracking system which
can be used to view how many emails that we have send was viewed by the
users. Users need not to click on anything. Just opening the email is
enough. Its works with all email sending programs perfectly.eg: sendblaster

·         Demo username –demo

·         Password – 123

Hope these examples will demonstrate my ability to work with php and
javascript as well

Hope to get a good response from all.


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