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Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Sat Apr 10 16:48:13 CEST 2010

Am 10.04.2010 16:36, schrieb Marc Delisle:
> Michael Keck a écrit :
>>> An open source one, yes :)
>> It is programmed as open source. I will contribute the fla-file with all
>> included libraries (as .tgz) and the compiled swf-file. But it's not
>> really finished, why there's no source download at the moment.
> I meant this: if it requires non-open source components, we should
> discuss it as a team first, as IMO we never took this approach.
> Personnally I think that as an open source project, we should set an
> example by not requiring non-open source elements like Flash.
okay ;)

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