[Phpmyadmin-devel] Transition to template-based framework

Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Wed Mar 10 10:49:44 CET 2010

Hi Michal,

Am 10.03.2010 09:53, schrieb Michal Čihař:
> Hi
> Dne Tue, 09 Mar 2010 16:06:12 +0100
> Michael Keck <sfnet at michaelkeck.de> napsal(a):
>> downloading phpMyAdmin includes php files and template files.
>> Compilation and caching is done by the local environment.
>> It mean:
>> We will have new subdirectories called:
>>     * skins/theme_name/
>>       there are stored all things wich have directly to do with
>>       layout and theming (I will name it Front-End)
>>       with subfolders
>>           o styles
>>             for the theme/layout and jQuery-UI (Theme Roller)
>>           o jscripts
>>             for theme/layout specified functions
>>           o images
>>             for the theme/layout specified images
>>           o templates
>>             html files with TWIG-Syntax
>>     * libraries/twig/
>>       template class
>>     * jscripts/jquery/
>>       all new jQuery things
>>     * plugins/
>>       for TinyMCE and others
>>     * _cache
>>           o templates
>>           o jscripts
>>           o styles
>>           o images (for browsers which can't handel png's)
> I don't think we care about such browsers as all our themes already use
> png.
>>           o files (uploading files like SQL-Dumps, tempfiles for exporting)
>>       this directory and any of it's subdir is dynamicly created
> The directory can not usually be automatically created because of
> permissions.

Okay ... then we should distributed needed directories. But wat is with
files ... (cached/compiled templates)?
Same limitations as directories?  I personality think, we should add
documentation for setting rights on
the new planned _cache/ directory.

>> I prefer, to use for language and configuration files XML-structure to
>> support the usage in javascript and php.
> What we are currently planning (and I will work on that quite soon
> after finishing migration to Git) is to use Gettext for translations.
> Main reason for this is to use standard format where there are plenty
> tools which translators can use and we can easily provide web based
> interface to translations.
> So when choosing templating system, it should easily integrate with
> gettext. Unfortunately I don't see any of mentioned system to talk
> about translations as their feature. (I mean something like
> translations in Django [1])
> [1]:http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/i18n/internationalization/#specifying-translation-strings-in-template-code
Should not be a problem with Twig, I can use a filter ...
Please take a look

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