[Phpmyadmin-devel] Introduce myself

Lee Sing Jie singjie at purehub.com
Sat Mar 20 12:24:19 CET 2010

Hi, I am Lee Sing Jie from National University of Singapore, doing
Computer Engineering. As the term engineering derives, I have
experience in both software and hardware coding. In school, I have
done assembly language, C, C++ etc. Out of school, I offer freelance
web eCommerce solutions. I have setup multiple online shops for new
businesses, so PMA is of no stranger to me. Many of the old catalogs
system I implemented are fully coded by me.

During this GSOC, I am interested in contributing to PMA by developing
Charts in server status page.

Shortly, I will try to pick up some of the bugs in the tracker and try
to merge myself into this PMA development sting.

I hope I can do my part to the open source community and of course to PMA.

Sing Jie

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