[Phpmyadmin-devel] I want to start coding on phpMyAdmin OOP project for GSoC

Çagatay TOPRAK toprakcagatay at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 20 19:47:41 CET 2010

My name is Çağatay TOPRAK, you may print Cagatay. Living in Istanbul, Turkey. Timezone is ETC+2, you asked for.

I'm studying Computer Tech and Programming. Almost finished, all exams I passed, now I have some internship to pass.
Now I'm studying Economics on Open University to delay military obligation, but I liked it. I was planning to study physics but plans may changed.

MSN, E-mail: toprakcagatay at hotmail.com

Website: www.cagataytoprak.com , 
GSoC Blog: www.cagataytoprak.com/GSoC 

I planning to replace PHPMyAdmin codes to OOP ones and make them more coder-firendly, 
so new coders will attempt to join more easily to the projects in the future.
To do this, coded a PHP MVC style web framework before, and want to use some of its functionality. 
Of course I'm open for other and better ideas, spacially working with other guys.

First of all, I should have a good understanding of pma codes, then I will use the same UI to fit on new OOP codes.
Then I will make seperate all UI's from codes.
When this preperations finished, I will recode the functionality by using the old code putting in proper classes.
I don't know how much time should be needed for theese. But I will make a time line, and try to go on that.

I'm open for other works to do something.

Past of my life:
Before I worked on some projects on PHP, Java, Javascript and some BI experience by Cognos and Jasper reports.
Have good understanding on OOP, Design Patterns, Frameworks. Knownladge of distributed applications, team works, documented projects, etc.
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