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Dne Mon, 22 Mar 2010 01:50:13 +0530
Ninad Pundalik <ninadsp16289 at gmail.com> napsal(a):

> Hi,
> On 22 March 2010 01:02, Tomas Srnka <tomas.srnka at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > It might be good if it loads only plugins which are used at the moment.
> In that case, we can load jquery.js, jQueryUI core on all pages, and
> write a php function that will take an array as a parameter, and load
> the plugins and UI components listed in the array, for that page.
> jquery.js and jQueryUI core are required for all plugins and UI
> components respectively, so it would be good to have them loaded on
> all pages, when the browser supports JavaScript.  We could store a
> cookie client side for javascript support maybe?

I think it's better to have either one file with all javascript or
separate js files for each functionality. Otherwise you really loose
advantage of caching in browser.

> @Marc: jQuery UI is very stable and is popular.  :)  What if we
> implement the entire tabs setup (browse, structure, sql, and all the
> other tabs) by using the jQueryUI tabs, now that we are looking at
> using AJAX in the pma interface?  The first time a particular tab is
> opened, we could use AJAX to load the content of the tab, and cache
> the content on the client side.  Second time, if we open that tab, the
> content comes up faster.  If the user wants an updated version of the
> content, then we can provide a refresh page which will reload the
> content on that tab.  The jQueryUI tab setup is very simple (infact,
> too simple), and the above idea of loading tabs via AJAX is something
> I've tried at another place, it works pretty well.

Would the tabs still work without js?

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