[Phpmyadmin-devel] Can this be a GSoC project for phpMyAdmin?

Edvard Ananyan edo888 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 13:34:33 CET 2010

Yes, it's not that big. But here what I propose in two words.

Can phpMyAdmin mentor this:

1. Implementation of the described table row revision control
2. Implementation of the same interface into Working Copy project
developed for Joomla: http://jwcp.googlecode.com
3. Also I want to implement ajax task tracking system for the same
project to avoid php execution timeouts. Because when a task takes
more than 30 seconds (by default on the most of hosting servers) and
php safe mode is on, which doesn't let set_time_limit(0), the task
fails. So I want to divide the task into small tasks and then use
javascript to fire that small tasks.

In this case both phpMyAdmin and Joomla will benefit.

Let me know your thoughts about this, or if you have any other suggestions.



On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Marc Delisle <marc at infomarc.info> wrote:
> Edvard Ananyan a écrit :
>> Hi Marc,
>> As I can understand the tracking is implemented in the php code. So if
>> I run a query directly in the database without using phpMyAdmin
>> functions, the trucking will not function. However my idea is not the
>> tracking, I want to keep table row versions.
>> So here is what I think:
>> 1. Add a new tab for a database table (like Tracking) -- Let's call it Revisions
>> 2. Allow the user to enable revision control for that table -- user
>> can select which table fields need to be kept under control
>> 3. Using php it will create new table called Table_history and will
>> add a mysql trigger on Table to add the row changes to the history
>> table. So in this case it will be implemented in the database, not in
>> the php code. So let's say I'm running a joomla site and I want to
>> keep jos_content table versions. I go to phpMyAdmin create a revision
>> for that table. So when I edit my content through the joomla
>> administration area, which is not running on phpMyAdmin php functions,
>> it will still keep revisions for that table.
>> Let me know your thoughts.
>> Regards,
>> Edvard
> I see, but this is not a big enough project for 12 weeks of 40 hours, IMO.
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