[Phpmyadmin-devel] Proposal for GSOC 2010.

Hemanth kumar hemanth147 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 04:52:59 CET 2010

I'l submit my proposal formally on march 29.

Regarding Exporting it to XML format what i intended to say was i want to
exporting whole database into XML format with one click.

I've an idea on how to do it. MySQL supports converting sql query result
into XML and Mysql also displays complete list of tables using "show
tables;" We have to merge both the features. I Dont know if its extensively
useful but as an admin UI i want to provide all the features.

Thanks & Regards

R Hemanth Kumar

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Hemanth kumar a ?crit :
> Hi ,
> I'm Hemanth,Undergrad Student of Bits-Pilani Goa campus-INDIA. I would
> like to work on GSOC project USER INTERFACE CLEANUP.
> Last semester i developed an intranet application using php, Mysql, I
> used phpMyAdmin for it and i feel there should be some changes in the
> user interface and i would like to share my suggestions for phpMyAdmin
> user interface cleanup.
> 1. User should be able to customize the user interface of phpMyAdmin.
> Example: user should able to hide unwanted Links.
>    OR
>    Less used links should be under one link moving cursor upon it drops
> down a menu of less used links.
> 2. GUI should be Made simpler for Novice or There should two instances
> of phpMyAdmin one for Basic users and other for Advanced Users.

these are interesting points that you can put in your formal proposal,
when Google's interface accepts proposals on March 29.

> Recently I worked on php, XML, MySQL and i noticed phpMyAdmin doesn't
> have a feature which converts result of a SQL query to XML format which
> can be used for taking backup of data.

In phpMyAdmin 3.3.1, in table Export you can export in XML. Did you try it?

> I would like to work on the above as GSOC 2010 project.

Marc Delisle

R.Hemanth Kumar
Bits-pilani Goa campus
Msc Economics+B.E. (hons) Chemical engineering
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