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Dne Tue, 23 Mar 2010 19:42:25 -0300
Thomas de Lima <tfl3000 at gmail.com> napsal(a):

> My name is Thomas de Lima.
> I'm a computer engineering student from Brazil. I want to discuss more the
> idea of redesigning PMA, because I want to be sure I understood it
> correctly.
> Design is not only about changing color or shapes in the user interface, but
> also about changing how the user interacts with the application, towards
> improving usability. So, the "User interface cleanup" project needs to be
> codeveloped with the AJAX team. Is that right?
> I read an email from our indian colleague Anirvana Mishra, excited about
> ajaxifying PMA. But then Michal answered that he should pick one specific
> area to improve, cause there's too much functionality in PMA.

Yes, you can not convert everything to AJAX during summer, so you need
to choose some area.

> Well, as a
> database manager, the PMA should be lightweight and "usable". For example,
> it takes a great deal of HTML download and clicks to find and edit someone's
> data in a huge personnel table. AJAX could solve both problems by opening a
> quickedit option on a browse table's row, which could be quickly found by an
> AJAX filter on top. So I think one of the "User interface cleanup" project
> goals should be study of which features need to be ajaxified or changed, or
> whatever, not about picking, before a deeper study, an area to improve.

Please note that this is summer of *code*, so we can not accept studies,
but only coding projects for GSoC. Generally it would be helpful, but
is out of scope for GSoC (as well as other things we currently can not
do ourselves because of time limits).

> For this purpose I wish to apply as an GSoCer to improve the PMA user
> interface, cause I frequently use it to manage my databases remotely. Of
> course PMA's usability now is excellent, as everything is intuitively put in
> place, but it feels soooo Web1.0, so static.

Well I would not tell that usability is excellent...

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