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Edouard SWIAC edouard.swiac at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 10:18:54 CET 2010

HI Michal,

Le 25 mars 2010 à 09:44, Michal Čihař a écrit :

> Well the thing is that both mysql/mysqli drivers in phpMyAdmin share
> fair amount of code, so it's not that much of code to maintain (not
> that it requires much maintenance at all). Moving to PDO is about
> new code to write and test and introduces another dependency (I have no
> idea how common is to have pdo enabled on hostings). We might end up
> having PDO in addition to current interfaces and I really don't see
> benefit of this situation.

I discussed PDO related ideas with Marc , and these have been put aside for a GSoC project.

Otherwise, I think a good OO PHP introduction in PMA is a complete rewrite of a single module (say Export or Import or both), with some well-thought classes behind it (could be PMA_Table, PMA_Database, PMA_Rowset ...) that, used with existing classes (PMA_List_Database ...), would be used as a foundation for the rewrite of the other part of PMA, since everything cannot be rewritten and redesigned by one student in one GSoC. 

For example, in the case of the Export module rewrite (even Import), this rewrite should offer a documented OO common interface : "Give it a query, PMA returns a Rowset object, use it in whatever representation you want in your own plugin". This concept is thought in the way of modularity and third-party plugin development (as said in the OOP GSoC project).

If think I'll head this way for my formal submission.

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