[Phpmyadmin-devel] GSoC About Two Ideas: OOP and UI cleanup UI

Carlos mauro unimauro at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 23:26:24 CET 2010

Hi all.
My name is Carlos Mauro Cardenas Fernandez. I'm studing a master. Well,
people i wanto to participate in GSoc for MPA in this projects:

- phpMyAdmin OOP
Yeah PMA is a great project. Is very fun and powerfull for a lot of work. I
want to create a some classes making groups with the prefix from the
original files like:
pmd_common.php,  pmd_general.php, pmd_pdf.php, pmd_relation_upd.php,
pmd_display_field.php, pmd_help.php, pmd_relation_new.php, pmd_save_pos.php
to a class: pma_class.php (for example only a first idea).
This project is possible but with a little limit but make a refactoring
about all code may be create a new.
The project is more factible like a redesinged like wrote in other email.
But is very important defined a model class with mentor's help.
The first step is create package with file with similar prefix and make a

- User interface cleanup
I want to redesing some form using jquery[0] or yui[1] with new datatable
fro the grid. May be using google Api, Google have Ajax libraries API[2] and
Google Chart Tools[3]. This tools are very powerfull for make a better
administration database. I have some experience in this with the api google.

[0] http://jqueryui.com/home
[1] http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/datatable/
[2] http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxlibs/
[3] http://code.google.com/apis/charttools/index.html

Carlos Mauro Cárdenas Fernández
Ingeniero de Sistemas
4582877 980525716

Creemos en el amor de los Seres Humanos
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