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Yian Shang yian.shang at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 19:01:40 CET 2010

> Yian Shang <yian.shang at gmail.com> napsal(a):
> > I just read through some of the comments on the schema output request and
> I
> > was wondering if there were other export formats besides dia, svg and eps
> (I
> > think dia itself can convert to both svg and eps) needed? Like perhaps
> > exports for other uml diagram tools?
> Adding more formats can be useful, however the current list include two
> formats mostly used for embedding graphics into documents (svg and eps)
> and dia format as one which can be easily edited, what I think it good
> starting point.
> The current generator is quite heavily bound to PDF and it will require
> lot of changes to make it more generic.

Yeah, I looked through the current generator some more and most of the code
for the PDF export seems to be focused on exporting the data rather than the

I think, however, the generic class structure for the dia xml export would
be similar to he PDF/XML export, as there'd be functions generating headers
and footers as well as functions to handle the different types of objects
(arrows, boxes, etc) and to handle the relative locations/colors of all uml
objects on the grid. Then the function that determines the schema would call
each of these auxiliary functions to put the schema into place.

A similar thing could be done for exporting to svg and eps.

Finally, for organization, would there be some sort of overall class that
handles processing the schema and then have subclasses for each different
format (xml, svg, eps) that takes care of the details of outputting the
schema as a diagram? So the overall class might have functions like
"determine_schema" whereas each subclass would have "draw_arrow", "draw_box"
(which write the xml), etc. Would something like that work?

Yian Shang
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