[Phpmyadmin-devel] GSOC 2010

Shreyas Ahir shreyas.ahir at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 21:36:13 CET 2010

Hi All,

This is my second post i am planning to participate in GSOC 10 i would love
to do charts in server status page.
I have one question i hope you guys will give me feedback on that. Adding
graphs to run time information is good will help DBA a lot but how about
adding certain diagnostic tools like combining explain with this charts
showing what mysql parameters one can change like buffer size, indexes for
queries and giving ballpark range of how this can improve the performance of
certain resource intensive queries and showing all this in a bar graph.
Basically comparing the query time at present with query time if the changes
are done. I see this can help because when some large query is run on tables
with millions of data many times DBA have problem to pin point why server
response time is low and what  corrective measures he has to take.

Thanks and Regards,
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