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Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Sun Mar 28 13:21:09 CEST 2010

Cristian Mircea Messel a écrit :
> Hi
> There are a lot of places where phpmyadmin would benefit from ajax. Some of
> which are:
> (a more detailed list with time planning will be included in the
> application)
>    - when we have a database selected and we see the tables in the database.
>    the values that are there could be updated with the help of ajax so we don't
>    have to refresh the page every time
>    - SQL queries could benefit from ajax. maybe a query bar at the bottom of
>    the page?
> i made a poll for my classmates (they all use phpMyAdmin) to ask them where
> do they think they would like dynamically loaded content (without refreshing
> the page... results will be shown when I have them all)
> When it comes to time planning I have experience with SCRUM and AUP and for
> this I think I will use a customized AUP (because its scalable) with
> milestones
> -Cristian

Please ... I'm allergic to top-posting ...

About AJAX, we have this patch from a potential participant, which
AJAXifies single-row deletion:


See my comments in the tracker. What should happen when someone hits the
red X for single-row deletion and $cfg['Confirm'] is true?

Marc Delisle

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