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Cristian Mircea Messel mess110 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 13:56:49 CEST 2010

It solved the problem of misslicking when you want to do a different task.
But when you want to delete a row and to make sure you don't go one above or
one below I came up with different solutions:

   - alternate the X position. ex: row 0 has x on left, row 1 has x on
   right, row 2 has x on left (this could be quite inefficient for tables with
   a lot of columns
   - creating a trashcan. this does not solve missclick issue but it solves
   loosing data issue because of missclick by recuperating it
   - double click? (maybe not so intuitive.. so a message when you click
   - individual locking: each item is locked and you need to click once to
   unlock it and one more time to delete it. and there is also a "mass-unlock
   button" (also change the background-color of the item once it is unlocked
   for deleting)

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