[Phpmyadmin-devel] GSoC 2011 Proposal: OpenGIS support

Milosz Lewandowski milosz.lewandowski at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 09:23:26 CEST 2011


my name is Miłosz Lewandowski and I am studying Theoretical Computer Science
at Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland. I would like to participate in
GSoC 2011 and I think that I have interesting proposal regarding OpenGIS
support. But first, before I will send the proposal, I have some question.

1. In MySQL there is something like spatial indexes, I suppose it would be
good if I implemented them also?
2. I suppose that simple graphical editor for spatial datatypes will be good
idea. But I don't think that connecting pma only with some maps web
application like Google Maps will be appropiate as many users use spatial
datatypes in theoretical aspects or even not to geographical purposes, but
only geometrical. I suppose that the best way will be graphical editor
divided into two parts: geometrical and geographical (of course not named
like that). Will it be accepted?
3. What about GEOMETRY_COLUMNS metadata view? I quite can't see where I can
put it in PMA in such way that it won't disturb users that don't use spatial
features at all. Perhaps the best solution will be to ommit this feature, am
I right?

And one more question not connected with proposal: there is some lack of
bugs on bugtracker, connected with work that is required for my proposal
(php). I see mostly gui bugs and closed bugs ;] What are the chances of
being accepted without any patch submitted?

Best wishes, Miłosz
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