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Wed Apr 6 18:55:11 CEST 2011


Thanks for the response!

On 06-04-11 07:33, Herman van Rink wrote
> You mention Atlassian Bamboo, as that is proprietary software how would
> you compare it to something like Hudson/Jenkins?.

I mentioned the bamboo because of the fact that it's pretty powerful
insturument for CI
Though Atlassian products are proprietary, it is free of charge to the
projects with open source.
Atlassian products are widely used in Open Source.
Such as Jenkins uses Atlassian Confluence to organize wiki.

But based on this feature matrix,
Jenkins is able to completely replace the bamboo.

It fully satisfies the following conditions
- Git support
- Anouncement by Email & IRC
- Shell / Ant / Maven builder support
- PHPUnit testing support
- Code Coverage & Checkstyle plugins
and it's open source, thank for the advice.
(I have not heard anything about this tool. I used to use only
phpUnderControl and Bamboo)

I have no experience with this tool.
But I think for me no problem to use Jenkins.

On 06-04-11 11:12, Herman van Rink wrote
> In your blog post about the pma dev environment you also add the pear
> channels components.ez.no and pear.symfony-project.com.
> Could you explain what you need from those channels?

PHPUnit depends on some packages from those channels.
This is says in Chapter 3 of the PHPUnit Documentation

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