[Phpmyadmin-devel] AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface - GSOC 2011 - Table->Operations -> table options

Thilanka Kaushalya lgtkaushalya at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 06:26:26 CEST 2011

Hi Marc,

>    2. For "*Table options*"  if I add the ajax behavior to submit the
> >       form without reloading the page I may need to replace all the
> >       table parameters which are currently embedded with the "*href*"
> >       attributes in the whole page. As an example it I change the table
> >       name from "actor" to "actor1" using "*Table options*" I may need
> >       to change the "*href*" of all four links in "*Table maintenance*"
> >       and "*Delete data or table*" to actor1 by using ajax. Is it okay
> >       to do that.
> Yes.

I tried to work with this feature. I faces following problems with that.

   1. Currently the logic is handled under the "*if
   (isset($_REQUEST['submitoptions']))*" section in tbl_operations.php file.
   If I apply the ajax submission which submits the form without reloading the
   page, to this form I need to get the whole form as the response for
   the submission and replace it with the current form, because we don't know
   what values get changed. For getting the form as a response I need to get
   the html content of the updated "*Table operations*", so it will not be a
   small json response like in other cases (ex: in "Alter table oder by" ajax
   submission it retrieves a small json response with the message). So it will
   be costly for the operation.
   2. Then if we used this form to rename the table (ex: "actor" to
   "actor1") we need to change each an every place where we use the actor name
   such as links in Top menu container, hidden fields in all the form within
   this page which carries the table name (ex: <input type="hidden"
   name="table" value="actor">. If not we have to replace whole page with
   the update page using ajax, but this is costly.

So I think it is better to leave this option with the normal form submission
without converting it to ajax submission. What is your idea on that.


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