[Phpmyadmin-devel] About the AJAXification of the index editor

Thilanka Kaushalya lgtkaushalya at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 06:02:56 CEST 2011

Hi Rouslan,

I checked out your branch and it looks good to me (for whatever it's
> worth). The only few things that I noticed that might need improvement
> are:
> * `form_name` in checkIndexName() is misleading as a variable name,
> since it will contain the ID of an element (maybe form_id would be
> better).
> * in checkIndexName() you defined:
>  [code] var the_idx_name = $("#input_index_name"); [/code]
>  but then you use several times $("#input_index_name") instead of
>  the cached `the_idx_name` variable (which BTW should be
>  `$the_idx_name` because it's a jQuery object and not an
>  arbitrary JS variable).
> * You copied an pasted the PHPDOC header from the old version of the
> checkIndexName() function, which did not take any arguments, so you are
> missing `@param` for the function input.
> * [code] the_idx_name.attr("disabled") [/code] will never be undefined
> (it's a jQuery object now). Those two times that you are comparing it
> against 'undefined' are pointless, so you can just remove those 'if'
> statements.
> * missing semicolon after 'false' in this code snippet from
> functions.js:
> [code]
>    if ($("#"+form_name).length == 0) {
>        return false
>    }
> [/code]
I fixed those bugs and pushed to the repo.

> Hope this helps.
> Yes. Those are really helpful for me and thanks for the guidance you gave.


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