[Phpmyadmin-devel] AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface - GSOC 2011 - Table->Structure ->Column->Change

Rouslan Placella rouslan at placella.com
Sat Jul 16 18:48:45 CEST 2011

On Sat, 2011-07-16 at 20:48 +0530, Thilanka Kaushalya wrote:
> Hi Marc and Rouslan,
> A change in logic will be needed as well, as the generated ids for
> > footnotes are duplicated in some cases. For example, on the database
> > Structure page, I already have footnotes converted to tooltips; when I
> > click Insert for a table, the popup panel has the same ids in the
> > ".footnotes span", compared to those that had been generated for the
> > Structure page.
> >
> >
> I changed the logic of the initTooltips() function and pushed the changes to
> the repo. I just called the function in db->insert option in db_structure.js
> file. If this is okay I can use it in my other ajaxified options also.
> Please check that. Thanks for the help you gave.

I tried on your demo server and as far as I can tell the tooltips are
completely broken now. They are no longer generated for the normal page
(but the footnotes are hidden) and they don't appear in the ajax dialog
(the footnotes, again, are gone though) (ubuntu 11.04/firefox 5).

Also as Marc said, with the code that you committed you would be
generating duplicate IDs, I suggest you merely change those to classes
to avoid possible conflicts (or you could come up with some scheme for
generating unique IDs, though that sounds more complicated than is


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