[Phpmyadmin-devel] Server status Monitor: Query Analyzer Dialog

Tyron Madlener tyronx at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 13:08:00 CEST 2011

Just some news about my progress: I've spent the last few days
fiddling around with regular expressions and dialogs to add another
feature which I called 'Query Analyzer', here's an example screenshot:
You can reach this dialog by going to the Monitor Tab, start the
monitoring, retrieve some log data (need to enable stuff in setup
first), then click on a select statement in the resulting table.
I've added some very basic sql formatter to pretty-print the sql query
inside an codemirror textarea, so one can fiddle with the query and
re-analyze it.

Current "bugs":
 - Parts of the formatted query in the textarea are sometimes white,
making them unreadable. Selecting and deselecting fixes it. Looks like
a codemirror bug to me.
 - l10n is incomplete for the query analyzer feature.

Further plans:
 - Analyzed queries are always executed with SQL_NO_CACHE, probably
should mention that somewhere
 - Displaying 'affected rows' probably would be useful
 - Add some sort of interpretation / advisories on the results, like
following performance issues:
   - 'Using filesort', 'Using temporary' in Explain->Extra
   - Long query execution time
  -  'ALL' in explain->type   (= full table scan)
- Suggestions from you guys ;-)

Other things I did this week:
 - Invested a lot of time in a new log table filter "Group queries,
ignoring variable data in WHERE statements" which uses regexps to
remove variable data in WHERE statements, so that they can be grouped
together, allowing one to see how much similar queries are being
- Fixed some bugs with the 'count' column in the log table.

Feedback is very welcome.

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