[Phpmyadmin-devel] Patch submitted: server variable documentation link in server_variables.php

Piotr Przybylski piotr.prz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 00:29:29 CET 2011

2011/3/14 Samiran Raj Boro <srajbr at gmail.com>:
> I have created the patch to display the documentation link of variables in
> server_variables.php page. Please test this patch and suggest for further
> improvements.
> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3212068&group_id=23067&atid=377410
> I created a file server_variables_doc.php to store the variables details
> used to create the links in a array. The structure of the array is defined
> in the file itself. This values are first computed and passed to
> PMA_showMySQLDocu() to generate the url and stored in
> $doclink['variable_name'].

I just glanced at your patch: instead of using switch
($VARIABLE_DOC_LINKS[$name][1/2]), use an array - it should be faster
and is more concise.

Piotr Przybylski

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