[Phpmyadmin-devel] pmahomme questions

Mike Homme mike at globalcode.org
Thu Mar 17 03:03:14 CET 2011

Hi Marc,

I see what you mean and have looked into how to fix this.

When I first designed PMAhomme I didn't envision a user wanting to change
themes and further change it by setting a background color. 

This makes the background setting feature a bit more difficult to fix now.
PMAhomme, in a few key places, makes use of images for backgrounds vs. the
Original theme, which relied mainly on a hexadecimal color codes for almost
everything (background-wise at least).

Even if I were to restore all references to the global [MainBackground]
setting in the CSS, it still wouldn't look right.

At this point, I'm questioning the value of the background feature on the
main panel. Does the team feel strongly that it's a feature worth keeping
around for 3.4? If so, maybe it should be available only for users that
upgrade to 3.4 and continue to use the "Original" theme.

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Pending is my previous question about custom background color; here is
another question.

In themes/pmahomme/layout.inc.php, $GLOBALS['cfg']['MainBackground'] is
defined to "#F5F5F5". However in css/theme_right.css.php it's only used for
ul#topmenu ul

whereas the body CSS uses a constant "#fff" for background.

Marc Delisle

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