[Phpmyadmin-devel] Interested in AJAXify Interface project idea

Thilanka Kaushalya lgtkaushalya at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 19:02:09 CET 2011

Hi Marc,

  I went through some of the sections of the PMA and found some actions
which could be more useful with Ajax support.

   1. In table Browse and Structure options, Change multiple rows should add
   a ajax window. Currently when no row is selected it does not give an
   error dialog have to handle that.
   2. In table Structure->Change should add ajax window support.
   3. In table Structure, Add column(s) At End of/ At beginning of tables
   should apply the ajax window support.
   4. In database Structure we can add a ajax window to the insert option
   because it will help the user to insert for multiple tables from a one

These are my suggestions and can you please check and confirm me on that.
I'll go through the other sections deeply to find more actions.



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