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Fábio Albuquerque fabiocbalbuquerque at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 00:18:50 CET 2011

My name is Fábio, I'm a student of Computer Science at Federal University of
Paraíba, Brazil, and an enthusiastic of GSoC. As I've working with
phpMyAdmin in the last two years, I'd love to contribute and to improve this
excellent tool. I'm interested to implement some object oriented
improvements on some existing module/functionality, like import or export a
database, CRUD operations, etc.

I'm studying the phpMyAdmin code base (and documentation), looking for some
bit of code which needs to be refactored or  could be encapsulated into a
class. Maintaining a OOP code is easier and we can make it much more
re-usable and self-independent, mainly when the code is re-utilized, like
various phpMyAdmin functions, so any improvements are welcome, of course,
with a good test covering and an excellent analysis of the consequences into
the code.

Although I've never had posted/committed any bug solution, I'd like to be
closer to the project and this opportunity came right on time, since I
worked the last two year entirely with php/mysql (I finished a  social
network for tourists which is about to be launched soon) and it gave me an
excellent experience (since I worked with a lot of design patterns,
discovering and correcting pitfalls and traps in PHP language, and good part
of the development driven by tests). So, I hope I can mix my experience with
an opportunity to increase a tool which I constantly use, beside the chance
to be in touch with the leaders and the team of this development. I know is
necessary a 40 hours per week, along the 12 weeks, so I'm wondering, maybe I
can use the free time between the deadline to rank the students and the real
coding beginning, in order to gain some time to give the project some tests
(it's obvious we'll need some unit tests to keep the system saved), even
start the coding (since I'll still having some classes during the first
month, unfortunately), and discuss the idea so we can enhance the
improvement :)

Is there anything else I can do beside exploring the code? How can I discuss
the focus of the implementation? I just can't wait to work with it and
finally make my real contribution. Thank you all in advance.

Best Regards,
Fábio Cruz B. de Albuquerque
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