[Phpmyadmin-devel] [GSOC 2011] This is what I think phpmyadmin needs

Dhruv Baldawa dhruvbaldawa at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 15:17:59 CET 2011

I have been using phpmyadmin, since I have been using MySQL. I have always
been tweaking and editing it for personalizations and customizations. One
thing I think it is badly lacking is *MVC (Model - View - Controller)

Better than porting it OOP, it is better to convert into an MVC
Architecture. The reasons why I support MVC Architecture is :

   1. Scalabality
   2. Code Reuse
   3. Integration of various libraries
   4. Same application logic can generate various views, i.e., it can be
   used to generate UI for mobile or for touch-enabled devices

Also, one optional thing to be considered is, while designing the models, it
is* important to consider the interactions between the various
components*and plan according. The phpmyadmin code is written in a
good fashion, but it
can be better.

Also,* a good abstraction layer for various other DBMS,* and hence can be
extended to other RDBMS.

phpmyadmin, by far, the best database tool I have ever used, I think can
evolve into a better and a robust tool for DBMS.

*Summary : *
Rather than concentrating into converting the codebase into OOP, it should
rather be organized into and *MVC architecture.*
There should be a* considerable amount of planning before designing the
system*, considering the interactions amongst various models.
*A database abstraction layer* can be maintained, in order to extend its
capabilities to other DBMS.
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