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I'm a second year CS and EE at Bristol University, England.

I have exams until the 17th of June. I know officially students are meant to
start on the 23rd of May, and I would be willing to make a start then, but
since I have exams around that period, I wouldn't be able to work on it full
time until the 17th. Would this be a problem?

Okay, I'm thinking of putting forward 2 proposals, both from the idea's
page. But before I do, I need to clarify a few things.

*Zoom Search* (and more AJAX)
I'm not sure if anyone has ever looked into it, but jqPlot looks like it'd
be ideal for this. It already has a zoom feature, offers a bit of
"shininess", and would be quite straight forward to implement, I feel. Since
pma is already implementing jQuery, using a plugin of it makes sense.
jqPlot also offers a simple line of best fit. Would a few more simple
mathematical functions (K-means, standard deviation, Cov?) be worth it?
While I don't expect anyone to want to do anything serious in a browser, it
might be worth it to have a simple way of viewing trends without having to
export the database to something like matlab.
Even with the extra mathematical functions, I feel like it probably wouldn't
take much time to implement - i.e less than 4 weeks - and adding more AJAX
seems to be the idea that naturally fits.

If this seems like a good idea I'll look more into the AJAXify part. (and
probably try 1 or 2 for a contribution)
Failing that, dealing with the "Browse-mode improvements", I feel that
working full time on that, I could probably get through most of that list in
about 4 weeks, especially since jQuery can be used.
The main question here is would phpmyadmin save thing's like the last view
table or SQL command in a flat file, use the database or have a choice?

The jqPlot website has a lot of examples on it (
http://www.jqplot.com/tests/ )
I'm currently working on the concept, though its still a WIP and right now
only displays random data. Still, I think it should shows that doing what is
required should be quite straightforward. http://mirey.pcriot.com/zoom.php

*phpMyAdmin OOP*
This seems like a massive job, as it'd be rewritting the whole of PMA. Would
there be any opposition to using a framework such as codeigniter?
I guess the main question is, would it use none of the old code until it is
finished, or would it there be a period where it would be OOP and the old
procedural stuff?
An argument against CI is that people would have to learn how to use CI. But
I'd argue that having an arbitrary way of doing it would be more time
consuming to learn, and people are likely to know how to use CI, or
something similar anyway.
Would it be worth splitting this down into a number of student projects,
each focusing on a particular part?

I'd ultimately like to do this, though before I think about it further, I'd
want to know whether I could use a framework,  or if it would need to be
from scratch.

Thank you,
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