[Phpmyadmin-devel] FAO: Alex. Internal server error on db import

Rouslan Placella rouslan at placella.com
Wed Aug 1 16:03:34 CEST 2012

On 01/08/2012 13:37, Alex Marin wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 2:11 PM, Rouslan Placella <rouslan at placella.com> wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> In current master, I'm getting an error 500 when attempting to open the db
>> import page. I'm directing this message at you because git-bisect tells me
>> that the first bad commit is authored by you:
>>> 9458f9d06263822558d39e2a52fabafe40259bf1 is the first bad commit
>>> commit 9458f9d06263822558d39e2a52fabafe40259bf1
>>> Author: Alex Marin <alex.ukf at gmail.com>
>>> Date:   Tue Jul 17 13:32:13 2012 +0300
>>>      oop: integrate the properties system for ExportXml
>>> :100644 100644 d638f218d68eb724c7e2c41988362e5c1f7bc38a
>>> abe366d99f7495de01b9dbab5a49bfd2b09dca73 M      export.php
>>> :040000 040000 e07908b1daaf9513c33fb15e4b41898082e82aad
>>> a06b315383a331b71d18cb673d3aba5cd63554a4 M      libraries
>> Also, please see the attached screenshot.
> Hi Rouslan,
> Thanks, I know, that's what I was looking at right now.
> Also, I have another bug which git bisect tells me is related to PMA_Header.
> I might be wrong, but could you please take a look? I've mentioned a few
> more details in my last reply on the thread called 'Bug with properties system'.

As far as 'Bug with properties system' goes, it's a missing include of 
"RadioPropertyItem.class.php". From /var/log/apache2/error.log:

> [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'RadioPropertyItem' not found
> in /home/roccivic/www/pma/libraries/plugins/export/ExportOdt.class.php on line 77

Also you have many PHP warnings in your code that are due to the fact 
that you test undefined variables. Please see attached file patch1.diff

As far as the import bug goes, I'm getting the following error in 

> [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getText()
> on a non-object in /home/roccivic/www/pma/libraries/plugin_interface.lib.php on line 192

This leads me to believe that $plugin->getProperties() sometimes returns 
something other that an object and therefore things like 
$plugin->getProperties()->getText() cannot work without being wrapped in 
some if statement that checks the validity of the returned object.

The same problem seems to be present in plugin_interface.lib.php at line 
253, which throws:

> Warning in ./libraries/plugin_interface.lib.php#253
> Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Hope this helps.

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