[Phpmyadmin-devel] Navigation DB

Dron Rathore dron.rathore at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 01:53:58 CET 2012

@rouslan: Thanks for correcting me. :)
But what i see is that if i switch to any db the index.php(that holds
our frameset) browser url says,
localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php?db="the jumped db name"&token=a-md5
So, now if i browse tables of that db, the url stays same and then if
we refresh we are thrown back to either the db tables or the previous
table structure(with no table name). I was saying(correcting my
method, as then you pointed Maxnavigation :) ) that for each click on
the left navigation.php frameset we can apply a js which just add
"#table-name" to the document.parent.location but when i applyed this
the whole page was refreshing, so we can have an arbitary anchor
tag(outside the frameset) whose link is changed by the click event of
left navigation and right frameset anchors and then we call the click
event of the outer anchor(it works!) and then a little more workout on
the index.php so that everytime we refresh, we pass that table value
to the navigation.php frameset url and the sql.php/table_structure.php
left navigation, doing this way we will not harm the MaxNavigation and
also the context of curr_table is saved.
I would have pulled the request but i am naive with github so just learning :)
- Regards
Dron Rathore

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