[Phpmyadmin-devel] Build failed in Jenkins: phpMyAdmin-continuous #1559

michal at cihar.com michal at cihar.com
Wed Jun 13 20:34:58 CEST 2012

See <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/1559/changes>


[rouslan] Return string from PMA_userprefs_autoload_header()

[rouslan] Renamed PMA_userprefs_autoload_header() to PMA_userprefsAutoloadGetHeader()

[rouslan] Return string from PMA_reloadNavigation()

[rouslan] Renamed PMA_reloadNavigation() to PMA_getReloadNavigationScript()

[rouslan] Return string from PMA_addRecentTable()

[rouslan] New classes PMA_Header and PMA_Scripts

[rouslan] Dropped header.inc.php in favor of the PMA_Header class

[rouslan] Removed some references to the non-existent header.inc.php file

[rouslan] Use PMA_Header class in themes.php

[rouslan] The PMA_Menu class no longer need to be a singleton

[rouslan] Use PMA_Header class in browse_foreigners.php

[rouslan] Drop constant PMA_DISPLAY_HEADING

[rouslan] Got rid of some dead code from gis_data_editor.php

[rouslan] Drop old header_*.inc.php scripts from querywindow.php

[rouslan] Use PMA_Header class in navigation.php

[rouslan] PMA_Header::$headerIsSent must be static

[rouslan] Integrated print view functionality into the PMA_Header class

[rouslan] Dropped header_http.inc.php

[rouslan] Small code cleanup

[rouslan] Fixed invalid method invocation

[rouslan] Integrated pmd with the new Header class

[rouslan] Integrated authentication libraries with PMA_Header class

[rouslan] Removed the last references to the old header files

[rouslan] Fixed JS bug in user prefs

[rouslan] Docblocks and coding style fixes for the new classes

[rouslan] Added PMA_Footer and PMA_Footnotes classes

[rouslan] Handle scripts in the PMA_Footer class

[rouslan] Moved the rendering of debug messages to the PMA_Footer class

[rouslan] Moved the rendering of error messages to the PMA_Footer class

[rouslan] Fixed rendering when there are no footnotes

[rouslan] Coding style fixes

[rouslan] Moved PMA_setHistory call to PMA_Footer class

[rouslan] Added PMA_Response class

[rouslan] Integrated chk_rel.php with PMA_Response class

[rouslan] PMA_Footer and PMA_Header no longer need to be singletons

[rouslan] Added PMA_OutputBuffering class, dropped ob.lib.php

[rouslan] relation.lib.php is already included by common.inc.php

[rouslan] Fixes for disabling the response

[rouslan] Integrated themes.php with PMA_Response class

[rouslan] Finished integrating the PMA_Footer class

[rouslan] Don't force 'text/html' on ajax requests

[rouslan] Fixed multiple errors display

[rouslan] Added JSON responses to the PMA_Response class

[rouslan] Added missing library include

[rouslan] Dropped footer.inc.php

[rouslan] Fixed undefined variable

[rouslan] Don't display error messages in ajax responses

[rouslan] Integrated ajax responses from user_password.php with PMA_Response class

[rouslan] Fix typo

[rouslan] improve DocBlock

[rouslan] Fixed variable name

[rouslan] PHP seems to reset the CWD after a call to exit, so we need to collect the file timestamps early

[rouslan] Dropped PMA_includeJS() in favor of the PMA_Scripts class

[rouslan] The filename and line number sometimes are unavailable

[rouslan] Display "Too many error messages" only once

[rouslan] Disable warnings in header for cookie auth

[rouslan] Drop display() from Header and Footer classes. The Response class will do all the rendering.

[rouslan] Remember CWD after the initial script has shutdown

[rouslan] Fixed bad variable name

[rouslan] Ensure that PMA_Response is instanciated in common.inc.php

[rouslan] Disable Response class for XHR requests in PMD

[rouslan] Don't die before the Response class is instanciated

[rouslan] Dropped $GLOBALS['page_title']

[rouslan] BBCode is never used with PMA_showHint() in the code base

[rouslan] Completely drop footnotes and use tooltips instead

[rouslan] Docblock fixes

[rouslan] Display messages once on password change

[rouslan] Force JSON response for AJAX requests

[rouslan] Fixed ajax response for change password form

[rouslan] Fixed ajax response for "display git revision"

[rouslan] Moved the check for whether warnings are enabled inside function

[rouslan] Use PMA_Response class in  PMA_ajaxResponse()

[rouslan] Expect JSON for every ajax request in JavaScript

[rouslan] Fixed conflicting global variable names

[rouslan] Fixed user preferences export/import

[rouslan] Fixed ajax responses in server_variable.php

[rouslan] Dropped PMA_ajaxResponse()

[rouslan] Added missing API call to the PMA_Footer class

[rouslan] Coding style fixes

[rouslan] Moved lost global

[rouslan] Fixed config auth

[rouslan] Set headerIsSent property of PMA_Header class as private,

Started by an SCM change
Building in workspace <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/>
Checkout:workspace / <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/> - hudson.remoting.LocalChannel at 5999ef99
Using strategy: Default
Last Built Revision: Revision bf219df66dab3a7190d63f6226bbd7de33348956 (origin/master)
Fetching changes from 1 remote Git repository
Fetching upstream changes from git://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin.git
Commencing build of Revision dc8f8829194859837b0b32488691cd3dd3258a77 (origin/master)
Checking out Revision dc8f8829194859837b0b32488691cd3dd3258a77 (origin/master)
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson8843342657442270387.sh
+ ./scripts/generate-mo --quiet
[workspace] $ ant clean phpunit phpcpd phpcs phploc
Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/lib/tools.jar
Buildfile: <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build.xml>

   [delete] Deleting directory <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/api>
   [delete] Deleting directory <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/code-browser>
   [delete] Deleting directory <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/coverage>
   [delete] Deleting directory <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/logs>
   [delete] Deleting directory <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/pdepend>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/api>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/code-browser>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/coverage>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/logs>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/pdepend>

     [exec] PHPUnit 3.6.10 by Sebastian Bergmann.
     [exec] Configuration read from <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/phpunit.xml.dist>
     [exec] ..........................................FI........II.........  63 / 772 (  8%)
     [exec] ............................................................... 126 / 772 ( 16%)
     [exec] .............EEI..................F............................ 189 / 772 ( 24%)
     [exec] .............................................EPHP Fatal error:  Class 'PMA_Response' not found in <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/libraries/error.inc.php> on line 17
     [exec] PHP Stack trace:
     [exec] PHP   1. {main}() /usr/bin/phpunit:0
     [exec] PHP   2. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command::main() /usr/bin/phpunit:46
     [exec] PHP   3. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command->run() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:130
     [exec] PHP   4. PHPUnit_TextUI_TestRunner->doRun() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:192
     [exec] PHP   5. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/TestRunner.php:325
     [exec] PHP   6. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:705
     [exec] PHP   7. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:705
     [exec] PHP   8. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->runTest() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:745
     [exec] PHP   9. PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase->run() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:772
     [exec] PHP  10. PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult->run() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:751
     [exec] PHP  11. PHP_Invoker->invoke() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestResult.php:647
     [exec] PHP  12. call_user_func_array() /usr/share/php/PHP/Invoker.php:93
     [exec] PHP  13. PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase->runBare() /usr/share/php/PHP/Invoker.php:93
     [exec] PHP  14. PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase->runTest() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:804
     [exec] PHP  15. ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:942
     [exec] PHP  16. PMA_fatalError_test->testFatalErrorMessageWithArgs() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:942
     [exec] PHP  17. PMA_fatalError() <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/test/libraries/core/PMA_fatalError_test.php>:36
     [exec] PHP  18. include() <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/libraries/core.lib.php>:234
     [exec] Result: 255

     [exec] phpcpd 1.3.5 by Sebastian Bergmann.
     [exec] Found 11 exact clones with 348 duplicated lines in 7 files:
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:628-654
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Pdf_Relation_Schema.class.php:650-676
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:282-300
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Svg_Relation_Schema.class.php:277-295
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:424-440
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Svg_Relation_Schema.class.php:391-407
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:472-480
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Svg_Relation_Schema.class.php:441-449
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:607-657
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Svg_Relation_Schema.class.php:588-638
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:424-440
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Visio_Relation_Schema.class.php:222-238
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:472-480
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Visio_Relation_Schema.class.php:272-280
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Eps_Relation_Schema.class.php:607-663
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Visio_Relation_Schema.class.php:375-431
     [exec]   - /libraries/schema/Dia_Relation_Schema.class.php:752-773
     [exec]     /libraries/schema/Visio_Relation_Schema.class.php:577-598
     [exec]   - /themes/original/css/common.css.php:1271-1292
     [exec]     /themes/original/css/common.css.php:1275-1296
     [exec]   - /themes/original/css/common.css.php:1215-1323
     [exec]     /themes/pmahomme/css/common.css.php:1574-1682
     [exec] 0.28% duplicated lines out of 125745 total lines of code.
     [exec] Time: 31 seconds, Memory: 103.25Mb
     [exec] Result: 1

     [exec] Time: 02:08, Memory: 177.25Mb
     [exec] Result: 1

     [exec] phploc 1.6.4 by Sebastian Bergmann.
     [exec] Directories:                                         24
     [exec] Files:                                              324
     [exec] Lines of Code (LOC):                             125745
     [exec]   Cyclomatic Complexity / Lines of Code:           0.15
     [exec] Comment Lines of Code (CLOC):                     37319
     [exec] Non-Comment Lines of Code (NCLOC):                88426
     [exec] Namespaces:                                           0
     [exec] Interfaces:                                           0
     [exec] Classes:                                             87
     [exec]   Abstract:                                           2 (2.30%)
     [exec]   Concrete:                                          85 (97.70%)
     [exec]   Average Class Length (NCLOC):                     216
     [exec] Methods:                                            841
     [exec]   Scope:
     [exec]     Non-Static:                                     742 (88.23%)
     [exec]     Static:                                          99 (11.77%)
     [exec]   Visibility:
     [exec]     Public:                                         674 (80.14%)
     [exec]     Non-Public:                                     167 (19.86%)
     [exec]   Average Method Length (NCLOC):                     22
     [exec]   Cyclomatic Complexity / Number of Methods:       3.64
     [exec] Anonymous Functions:                                  0
     [exec] Functions:                                          854
     [exec] Constants:                                          119
     [exec]   Global constants:                                 103
     [exec]   Class constants:                                   16

Total time: 3 minutes 1 second
[CHECKSTYLE] Collecting checkstyle analysis files...
[CHECKSTYLE] Parsing 1 files in <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/>
[CHECKSTYLE] Successfully parsed file <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/logs/checkstyle.xml> of module  with 7392 warnings.
[CHECKSTYLE] Computing warning deltas based on reference build #1558
[DRY] Collecting duplicate code analysis files...
[DRY] Parsing 1 files in <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/>
[DRY] Successfully parsed file <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/logs/pmd-cpd.xml> of module  with 20 warnings.
[DRY] Computing warning deltas based on reference build #1558
[TASKS] Scanning folder '<http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/'> for files matching the pattern '**/*.php' - excludes: build/**,libraries/PHPExcel/**,libraries/tcpdf/**,libraries/php-gettext/**
[TASKS] Found 431 files to scan for tasks
[TASKS] Found 185 open tasks.
[TASKS] Computing warning deltas based on reference build #1558
[ANALYSIS-COLLECTOR] Computing warning deltas based on reference build #1558
Recording plot data
Publishing Clover coverage report...
Clover xml file does not exist in: <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/logs> called: clover.xml and will not be copied to: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/phpMyAdmin-continuous/builds/2012-06-13_20-31-20/clover.xml
Could not find 'build/logs/clover.xml'.  Did you generate the XML report for Clover?
[htmlpublisher] Archiving HTML reports...
[htmlpublisher] Archiving at PROJECT level <http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/coverage> to /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/phpMyAdmin-continuous/htmlreports/Code_Coverage
ERROR: Directory '<http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/coverage'> exists but failed copying to '/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/phpMyAdmin-continuous/htmlreports/Code_Coverage'.
ERROR: This is especially strange since your build otherwise succeeded.
Build step 'Publish HTML reports' changed build result to FAILURE
[xUnit] [INFO] - Starting to record.
[xUnit] [INFO] - Processing PHPUnit-3.4 (default)
[xUnit] [INFO] - [PHPUnit-3.4 (default)] - 1 test report file(s) were found with the pattern 'build/logs/junit.xml' relative to '<http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/'> for the testing framework 'PHPUnit-3.4 (default)'.
[xUnit] [ERROR] - The result file '<http://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/phpMyAdmin-continuous/ws/build/logs/junit.xml'> for the metric 'PHPUnit' is empty. The result file has been skipped.
[xUnit] [INFO] - Setting the build status to FAILURE
[xUnit] [INFO] - Stopping recording.

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