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as described on http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/GSoC_2012_Ideas_List,
please use mailing list for such questions, I'm posting your reply

Dne Mon, 19 Mar 2012 16:08:11 +0530
DImuthu Upeksha <dimuthu.upeksha2 at gmail.com> napsal(a):

> In this summer I hope to spend my time in gsoc but I'm quite new to this
> gsoc process. However I'm a frequent user of phpMyAdmin so I was interested
> in your proposal named as
> "Plugins and OOP for import/ export/ transformations/ autentication". But
> there are some points I need to get clarified
> 1. What do you mean by "general plugin interface"? Is it an abstraction for
> all plugins or something else??

Yes, some abstraction, which could be later used for plugins in various
places. The existing use cases are listed above, but it should not be
limited to these.

> 2. What could be the use of such a generic interface because plugins that
> are used up to now are different to each other?

That's the challenge in the project :-). The solution can be anything,
from making the core emit signals, on which plugins can hook, to
object model allowing plugins to override/extend any class which
phpMyAdmin uses.

> 3. What could be other plugins which can be attached to phpMyAdmin except
> those mentioned above?

There are currently none, but I can imagine people would want to
replace different parts - for example providing wysiwig text editor
for some fields.

> 4. Is converting existing functional codes means all the code of the
> software or some particular section?

It's up to you what scope you will give to your project and it will be
evaluated based on the scope as well.

> As I mentioned earlier this proposal is very interesting to me not because
> this is gsoc, but one day I will be able to feel this difference while I
> use phpMyAdmin with these positive changes. It is kind of you if you can
> clarify those problems for me.

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