[Phpmyadmin-devel] Improving Sync for Big Tables

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 01:40:54 CET 2012


On 3/22/12 8:00 PM, adeel khan wrote:


> I thought about the solution and here what i can think of it right now
> First as your app generate everything before showing the difference
> stuff to the user, this is the major cause of bottleneck. In my 20K
> tuples example i was amazed why it didnt give me any timeout error on
> the first dialog. In a worst case scenarios generating a diff for the
> entire db is simply not scalable approach.Even if you have a lot of
> time/memory the user would have other stuff to do and would not wait for
> a long time for the sync thing to finish. I think the whole thing should
> be done in batches.The idea is that the structural diff is mostly less
> time and memory consuming, so its better to generate it for the entire
> db, but for data, just generate enough so that the script doesnot time
> out. (cases where we have huge tables).
> Now any user would get all the structural diff , plus what data diff we
> can able to get through in that pass. The time allowed for pass is
> bounded by script execution time which is 5 minutes as i see.

For what it's worth, the script execution time is configurable and will 
differ depending on the hosting environment; so we can't count on any 
specific predefined number.


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