[Phpmyadmin-devel] PDF export - ID: 1376650 -- need help

Rouslan Placella rouslan at placella.com
Tue Mar 27 21:10:20 CEST 2012

On 27/03/12 15:16, Marc Delisle wrote:
> Le 2012-03-26 18:42, SELVAM P a écrit :
>> Hi Marc ,
>> I am really sorry for the delay. I had my lab exams going on. I did compare
>> the libraries/export/pdf.php with libraries/export/htmlword.php. I have
>> written the function PMA_exportStructure() for pdf export and its working,
>> printing the structure. But the problem is that the "pdf_structure_or_data"
>> option value is "data". It has to be changed to "data_and_structure".I
>> inspected the source code, this is the problematic code
>>> <input type="hidden" value="data" name="pdf_structure_or_data">.
>>> So i am trying to pin point the script where the format specific options
>> are set. Any help would be appreciated.
> The default values are set in libraries/config.default.php.
> If you are on Linux, you can find this information with the following
> command:
> grep pdf_structure_or_data `find . -name '*.php'`

Kinda off topic, but the below will run faster:

grep -r pdf_structure_or_data *.php


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