[Phpmyadmin-devel] Coding style checks

Alex Marin alex.ukf at gmail.com
Wed May 2 15:10:58 CEST 2012

On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 12:17 PM, Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com> wrote:
> Sure there is :-). Once you install PHP CodeSniffer you can run it with
> our customized standard in phpMyAdmin's directory:
> phpcs --standard=PMAStandard file.php

If you also want to use the NetBeans plugin as Madhura suggested,
once you have copied the PMAStandard folder inside your installation
dir (.../CodeSniffer/Standards/), you simply go to Tools->Options->
->PHP->Code Sniffer->Standard and select PMAStandard from the
If you had NetBeans open while copying PMAStandard, then you have
to restart the IDE in order for it to display the new option in the list.

All the best,

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