[Phpmyadmin-devel] Are these blockers for 4.0.0?

J. M. mynetx at live.de
Sat Apr 13 23:21:51 CEST 2013

> If it continues this way, how about a release of 4.0.0 on April 19? (in 
> time for the Percona Live MysQL Conference and Expo 2013).
> -- 
> Marc Delisle

Hello all, 

While using 4.0.0-rc1 for a couple days, I found several - I consider - minor bugs. 
Should we consider them as blockers for releasing 4.0.0, or just plan to fix them for 4.0.1?

Best, JM


Bug 1 - Can't copy table to target database if table exists there


1. Open a table, switch to "Operations" tab.
2. In the "Copy table to" box, check "Structure and data" and "Add DROP TABLE".
3. Select a target database that already contains a table with the same name.

Table is dropped and then copied.

Error tells that table already exists.


Bug 2 - No preselected option when exporting table


1. Open a table, switch to "Export" tab.
2. Select "Custom" export.

In the "Rows" section, "Dump all rows" is preselected.

Both option buttons are empty.


Bug 3 - Lost location hash and token on table add field


1. Open a table, switch to "Structure" tab.
2. In the "Add columns" section, enter a number of rows > 1, click "Go".
3. Fill in some demo names for the columns, click "Save".

Fields are added via AJAX, top navbar works as usual.

Fields are added via legacy form-submit, top navbar is then broken.
Token is lost (URL is set to "tbl_addfield.php" with no query string).

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