[Phpmyadmin-devel] [GSoC] Own Idea

PaweĊ‚ Lampe scony at sconysoft.com
Fri Apr 19 19:15:33 CEST 2013

Howdy subscribers !

I would like to participate google summer of code and I am looking for 
something interesting to fit in.
I think about phpMyAdmin feature. However the idea is not listed, so I 
would like to discuss it here.

I would like to know is the idea below reasonable or is it rather 
material for new independent project.

In few words: self-generating admin panel for casual user.

Well, phpMyAdmin is dedicated for super-users. It's obvious and I hope 
it 'll never change. But imagine a mode of phpMyAdmin that is dedicated 
to end-users that are just websites owners but no coders.

What I mean ? Let's say I am a website programmer. I am creating simple 
website php + MySQL etc. I am writing code for client that is not 
familiar with any code.
My goals are:
1. create DB structure
2. create website
3. create admin panel

1 & 2 are interesting while 3 is not. But wait a minute. Why should I 
create admin panel ? Maybe phpMyAdmin is enough ? Indeed. But it's too 
complicated for simple human being. It's also static. It bases just on 

I think phpMyAdmin + some heuristic knowledge about DB = pretty and 
usefull panel for site-admins that are just managing contents

Gate to this simplified feature may be just phpMyAdmin user/password. 
Let's say after sign in programmer will see phpMyAdmin as-it-is today, 
while site admin (not programmer) will see clear and simple admin-panel.

How about ?

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