[Phpmyadmin-devel] Get some details about Refactoring: Designer/schema integration project idea

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Dne Sat, 20 Apr 2013 03:27:50 +0530
Shamika Dharmasiri <shamikadineshdha at gmail.com> napsal(a):

> I need further clarifications on the parts of project definitions.
> 1.Provide single GUI editor for schema (currently there is designer and
> editor on schema pages)
> For a any database when we go to "Edit or export relational schema" link it
> there is Schema editor.Then if we create a page to edit and after choose
> that table we are getting "Display relational schema" window(export the
> schema) and "select table" area.If we press buttton "Toggle scratchboard"
> it open some designer window(without the full functionality of the
> designer).
> Then what does here mean by "single GUI editor for schema"?(What is the
> main purpose of having this?)

There is Designer tab and editor you mention. They have quite a lot in

> 2.Direct export of schema from editor
> In the current implementation we can export schema as several formats and
> within the editor window w can export schema under "Display relational
> schema".
> So what dos this really mean?

This is connected with next point - possibility to get schema in any
format just after moving tables around.

> 3.Usability of designer (with schema export) without configuring the
> phpMyAdmin configuration storage
> Before use the designer feature we need to config the phpMyAdmin
> configuration storage with the current phpmyadmin.So with this are we
> expecting to have this feature default it phpmyadmin?

Yes, it should work without configured database storage. It still
however should still provide persistence with configured database. Also
having some kind of persistence without database would be nice - for
example html local storage.

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