[Phpmyadmin-devel] Need feedback on error reporting server

J. M. mynetx at users.sf.net
Sun Aug 4 14:18:26 CEST 2013

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> Subject: [Phpmyadmin-devel] Need feedback on error reporting server
> We have deployed an early version of the error reporting server at [0].
> there are still a few things not implemented the view will not change much
> from what is currently there. I have filled the database with fake reports
> help you see how things will look in the real world.
> Since I am finishing up with the features I need feedback on the currently
> implemented functionality and if anyone has any idea on how to do
> differently please feel free to say it.
> currently there is a list of reports and clicking on the id of the report
> get redirected to a view containing the summary of the related reports.
> can submit error reports to the sourceforge bug tracker.
> if anyone thinks there is missing functionality or if something needs to
> displayed in a better way, please tell me so as to schedule the change in
> coming weeks.
> [0] http://reports.phpmyadmin.net/ 
> -- Mohamed Ashraf
Hello Mohamed,
Thanks for this! It looks nice and works properly.
Things I have noticed, from a user interface perspective:
1. The drop downs for filtering, can you place them directly below the
Like this:
ID ....... Reference Name ...
[ v] .... [ v ] ...
2. Can you allow the whole "ID" cell to be clickable?
(using "display: block" for the link)
This will make clicking easier, especially for low numbers.
3. The Sourceforge link "Sourceforge Report [Submit report] " does not work

I read: Error: The requested address
forge%2Fnew_ticket%2F2' was not found on this server.

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