[Phpmyadmin-devel] Fedora does not permit including prebuilt Flash files (*.swf)

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Mon Aug 19 20:20:08 CEST 2013

Robert Scheck a écrit :
> Hello Marc,
> On Sat, 17 Aug 2013, Marc Delisle wrote:
>> Having a look at the current 4.0.x version, flashcanvas.swf is used only
>> when the browser is detected to be Internet Explorer < v9, which does
>> not support HTML 5 Canvas.
>> Note that features other than the Status monitor are using canvas.
> I don't have an Internet Explorer, but what does that mean? I can not use
> features other than the status monitor if the IE is too old? And if so, why
> don't the other features use Flash then as well? Just being curious :)

Hi Robert,
these are the only features that are using flashcanvas (on IE < v9):
- Status monitor
- Zoom search
- Display chart

We currently don't plan on adding features that rely on this library but 
it's not a promise :)

> Anyway, I assume just deleting the *.swf will break things, so how would
> you like to proceed? Would a message be possible, if somebody is using the
> Internet Explorer < v9 and *.swf was removed that the user gets a message
> like "Get a new browser"?

Not a good idea, IMO, because IE 9 is only offered on Windows Vista, 7 
and Server 2008, see

> How is your future perspective? I already thought about spending time to
> try to get the *.swf compiled from source. But that does not make sense if
> you decide to remove the Flash stuff in say half a year or so. Being at
> that point it would be also good to have some kind of a promise that no new
> additional Flash stuff is getting added - in case you are planning to stay
> with Flash for e.g. the whole phpMyAdmin 4.x lifecycle (thus longer). From
> what I can see, messing with Flash on the built-time level is not that nice
> as one would wish...
> So please give me some impressions how things are going to go :)
> Greetings,
>   Robert

Marc Delisle

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