[Phpmyadmin-devel] Issue with event editing

Ayush Chaudhary ayushchd at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 11:14:11 CEST 2013


I was writing Selenium tests for editing an event. While creating an event, I created it with the clause 'EVERY 2 MINUTE_SECOND' and it worked fine. However, MySQL stores it as '0:2', so when I go to edit the event, the default value for interval field is '0:2', and then when I submit the edit form, our code takes the intval from 0:2 and forms the query 'EVERY 0 MINUTE_SECOND' and this creates an error.

Is there a specific reason why intval is being used in rte_events.lib.php on Line 585? If not, should I remove that and issue a pull request?  

Ayush Chaudhary

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